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Microsoft Called me about...

...nothing. Because Microsoft will never contact you about your personal computer or anything unless you initiate contact. Your computer is not sending that telemarketer on the other end of your phone anything. It is a scam set up. Here's how you handle those calls:

1st Listen carefully to what the person is telling you, and then introduce a conundrum. For example:

Telemarketer> Your computer is sending us information that it is not updating correctly.

You> when was the last time it sent you this information? Because I have not connected my computer to the internet in two weeks.

Telemarketer> Yes it was exactly two weeks ago that we received the communication.

2nd Introduce an infallible wall...

You: Didn't you say you were Microsoft?

Telemarketer> blah blah blah blah blah

You> But all my computers are Linux!

Telemarketer> [hangs up] [puts you on DO NOT CALL list]

You> [calls Brian at 813-279-8324 and says Thanks B!]

Me> You are most welcome sir/ma'am

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